Thursday, 20 March 2008

Disco Baby!

Well I really can't believe that time flies so quickly! Nearly 1 term of Kindergarten over already, and to celebrate the school had their first disco last night! To say Trav was just a tad excited would be an understatement. We bought some blue hairspray to spray his zigzags so he could be supercool! All his friends went along with his favourite girls! So cute!

The disco went from 5.30pm to 6.45pm! Long enough for the little ones, then the bigger kids came in from 7pm to 9pm! It was so cool watching all the little kids strut their stuff, jumping like they all had ants in their pants! There were games, and prizes for the best dancers, mind you Travis won three prizes for the best dancer! Oh gosh! Isn't it the girls who are supposed to win the dancing prizes! LMAO! The kids played limbo, done the chicken dance, the hokey pokey, the macarena, all the fun dances and they had such a good time. Trav even had a go at breakdancing! Hilarious!

Though I am sure when Trav gets older he will be a mosh pitter! He was always up the front, right in front of the smoke with his hands in the air! I had visions of 13 years into the future of an 18year old Trav headbanging in the mosh pit at a concert somewhere! I tell you he was glued to the front! He even had a little dance with his best girl Paige and her friend Anastacia, but no other girls took his interest! It was such a great night, even Cooper got in on the act! Though he just ran around and around in circles, galloping like a horse! Too funny! He'll find his groove sooner or later, though he is quite good at shaking his tooshy!

Here are some pics - Priceless!

Have a good one everyone. I will be back later, as it is the Easter Hat Parade today! Oh I am very excited!

Until then take care

Love Lisxx


Al said...

Heehee ... love the blue zigzags. Wouldn't have noticed but for you pointing that out Lis.
How gorgeous that the little ones have a disco. Way too cute!
LMAO @ Trav being a mosh pitter. That's too funny.
Glad it all was great ... the kids look like they had a ball!

Sandy said...

gee, Trav pulling chicks already???? lol he is so going to be a heartbreaker! Kids just love a they had the best time!