Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, hope this finds you all chocolated out! Well almost anyway! We had a great Easter! The kids were up bright and early so off we went outside for our first Easter Hunt of the morning. This year was great as Cooper just loved it! He looked so cute running around trying to find the eggs. Though its a bit hard when you have an older brother who is totally clued in on what is happening and what you have to do! Anyway they had a ball!

Easter HuntThen we set off for the day, firstly stopping into visit my mum and dad, and yes another Easter Egg Hunt! The boys were is paradise I tell you! Then we went and visited Grants mum (grandma), and while I was there I gave her a manicure, which she totally appreciated it! After visiting Grandma we then went and grabbed some KFC at Kurri and went to the park so the kids could have a play and some lunch! It was such a gorgeous day out! Perfect for taking some great shots of the kids while they were playing!

Cooper playingTravis Playing

We then spent the afternoon at Uncle Darrens (Grants brothers) then back to mum and dad's where we had a BBQ for Tea! Was such a nice day visiting family and spending the day with the boys all together as a family!

So Happy Easter to youall and hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Love Lisxx


Al said...

Wow Lis ... your boys are just way too cute. Love that pic of the Cooper in his PJ's in the bottom left corner. Man, he's a heartbreaker! Look at those eyes!
Sounds as though Easter was great for you guys!

Sandy said...

what a great day Lis, and fantastic photos too!