Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Happy Birthday Mum & Mele!

Well today is an extra special day indeed! Its my mums 54th Birthday and my good friend and next door neighbour Mele's 33rd Birthday!

So today I took my mum out shopping to Charlestown Square all day! It was wonderful! We shopped until we dropped and shock horror even Cooper behaved! I got myself an outfit (A pair of black pinstriped pants, and a black top) fpr our Cronulla Bash in a few weeks time as well as a new pair of PJ's from Bra's and things! Very happy with that, and not to mention a special pressie for a special friend. I excelled at shopping today it was great!

Once home, I ducked over and saw Mele, gave her her pressie, a kiss and a cuddle, a quick chat then I was off again! This time we were (Grant, Trav, Coop, Dad & I) taking Mum out to dinner at Biondi's at Raymond Terrace (Italian)! Oh man that food is sooooo good! I had a small pasta so I could fit in the Berry Crepes for dessert! I really could of skipped the main and went straight for dessert! So many nice ones to choose from! Though sorry to say, I didn't take the camera so I have no pics! Shame Shame Shame!

So heres a little bit of trivia for the special people who were born today!

Today's History:

Popeye: a statue of the spinach-loving cartoon character was erected in his honor in Crystal City, Texas (1937)
Bangladesh: declared independence from Pakistan (1971)
Camp David Accords: Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement was signed at the White House (1979)

Today's Birthdays:
Bob Woodward
Sandra Day O'Connor (78): first female US Supreme Court justice
Nancy Pelosi (68): first female Speaker of the House; also, US Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao (55)
Bob Woodward (65): Watergate journalist/author; creative writers A.E. Housman (1859-1936), Robert Frost (1874-1963), Tennessee Williams (1911-1983) and Erica Jong (68) were also born on this date
Steven Tyler (60): lead singer of Aerosmith; also, musicians Diana Ross (64) and Juvenile (32)
T.R. Knight (35): Dr. George O'Malley on Grey's Anatomy; other actors born on this date include Leonard Nimoy (77), Alan Arkin (74), James Caan (68), Martin Short (58), Jennifer Grey (48), Amy Smart (32) and Keira Knightley (23)


Al said...

Your day sounds fantastic! So fun filled! What girl wouldn't be happy with all that shopping, and some!
Might have to talk to you about that friend of your's whose birthday it is. I'm wondering if it is the same person I'm thinking of! I need some hints Lis please! This girl has EVERYTHING a scrapper could want ;)

Tea sounds awesome. I love Italian too! Glad you had such an amazing day!

Sandy said...

A girlie day shopping, is there anything better?

Happy birthday Lis's mum and Mele!