Saturday, 22 March 2008

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Well thats what my hubby thinks at the moment anyway! I have been menstrual, hormonal and in a huge amount of pain since Thursday night due to ladies monthly tides! And oh boy I have not had a red sea like this since I was in highschool! You know the dragging pain where it feels like everything is going to fall out when you stand up, the pain in your stomach and lower back, the cramps that make you feel nauseated and light headed! And talk about cranky! I have no patience at all at the moment. Poor Grant has stayed out in the shed all day yesterday and today, comes in everynow and then and says are you ok? Then he disappears again! I have spent the last two days drugged to the eyeballs, half on this world, half not, with a hot water bottle permanently adhered to my stomach! My face has all broken out and I feel like something out of a horror movie! Tragic!
Because I have spent alot of time lying on the lounge or laying in bed, I did manage to finish reading my latest book - Jodie Picoults - My sisters keeper, which is not a good book to read when you are hormonal, as I balled my eyes out for about 10 minutes straight, so much so, that I couldn't read the words of the page on the last few pages. Had to keep wiping my eyes so I could finish it, then I had a huge howl! OMG what a bloody sad book, excellent, but sad, apparently the movie industry are going to make it into a major film, hence the reason why I wanted to read it! Very worth it, but make sure you have tissues towards the end! You will need them!

Finally pulled my finger out and finished off Jamiee's tribute challenge this month - a pic of you with your mother or father! So another two pages to add to my tribute book for my parents! Its coming along now, starting to capture quite a few moments in their lives now! Great journey and keepsake! So glad I am doing this, and thank you Jaimee for the inspiration each month!

Daddy & Me

Mummy & Me

Well the Easter Bunny will be here in one more sleep and I have two little bunnies in this household that are very excited! We have a tradition in this house, the first thing on rising, we do an Easter Egg hunt around the yard! The have Hot Cross Buns for Breaky with a nice HOt cuppa tea. Will be interesting with Cooper this year hunting, as this is the first year he is interested, I can see alot of crash tackling happening! And all initiated by Cooper too! I just hope this rains disappears, so we can do the hunt outside, hate to have to do it inside, no fun that way! What are your traditions? And can someone please tell me why on earth Easter was moved forward a month???? It is always in April near Anzac Day! Why on earth is it in March??????

Hope you all have a hopping good day tomorrow and a Lovely Easter Too!



Al said...

Hey Lis,
I'm sorry to read about your hormones running rampant! Ugh ... how awful for you. It sounds like the worse case of PMS ever. I really hope you woke up feeling better ... even if it is only a little ... this morning. Thinking of you!
Those LO's are gorgeous ... you must have quite a few pages done now. It was an awesome idea of of Jaimee's I agree.

Sandy said...

loving your LO's Lis, your album is going to be gorgeous, and something I am sure your parents will treasure...good job luv! Hope you are feeling better :)

Jane Ettia Jones said...

so love your pages luv and me very scared of you this week okay

Annette said...

Lis i so hope you are feeling much better this week! I love Jodi Picoult too.