Sunday, 9 March 2008

Ah Ah Ah Ah Its Mac Time!

Oh gosh, what a day! Travis had his first birthday party at Macdonalds for his 5th Birthday along with 12 of his little school buddies. What a fantastic day they all had! There were balloons, opening of the presents, pass the parcel, limbo, hide & seek, playtime in the play area, Mac time, Ice cream cake! The kids just had so much fun! I am so glad I did this for Trav and so so so glad I had it at Macca's and not at home! LOL! Anyway here is a summary of the day!

Trav received some great pressies too! A police outfit, bionicles lego, Laser guns, money, jigsaw puzzle, texta's. We bought him the Nintendo DS lite with the Nintendo dogs, and I am sure I will play it more than Trav, it is so cute! We picked a Shitzu puppy like out dog and named him Rust, like our puppy Rusty! You have to feed & water him, take him for walks, bath him, groom him, play with him, take him to dog competitions, so much fun! Plus he got a few little things and some clothes for winter!

He had such a great 5th Birthday and Party! Growing up way to much for my liking I can tell you! Though touch wood he is still so sweet and innocent! Though I am sure he has been here before, he is a wise old soul thats for sure! Blows me away sometimes by some of the things he knows and says!

Hope this finds you all well!

Love Lisxx


Sandy said...

so pleased Travis had a wonderful time Lis...and dont you just love walking away from all the mess????

Jane Ettia Jones said...

look at the smile on his face, gosh his just adorable. looks like he had such a great day. hahahaha poor mc chicks cleaning up lol