Saturday, 18 October 2008

Catching up with Jono!

It has been a great week catching up with my ole cuz Jono and meeting his family! Really 20 years has flown so fast, I can't believe it! We have been out to dinner, lunch, hung out at mum and dads, the kdis have got on so well together, we have had a BBQ where Jono & his family are staying, and today we had the best day going 4WD at Stockton all day! The kiss had a ball playing in the sand, playing in the waves, 4WD over the dunes. We then ended up at Anna Bay Tavern for a late lunch. Was great! Though seemed a little strange going to Anna Bay Tavern without Netty as that was her spot! Alot of memories there with her! Though we had a ball! Uncle Ian even came with us, he came down Friday to see Gran and meet up with Jono and his family, stayed at mum and dads Friday night, and we all had a BBQ for tea, and then of course the dunes today! What a blast! So have to do it again!

Here are a few pics of our day!
Jono letting his tyres down!

Here comes the boys through the track...

Here is my trusty ole Subi waiting for the big rigs to catch up...

Dads big rig coming down a huge dune - So Much Fun!

Another Big Rig

Dads big rig and my little ole Subi - taking 5 out..

Jono, Samorne, Gracie and baby Laura - visiting the SignaJono, Gracie and Laura
Jono & Laura - gotcha Cuz!
The Signa - over 30 years now since it ran aground.
Uncle Ian having a smoko break at the Tavern

Really was a great day! Jono don't take 20 years next time, we miss you! It was great having you here with us! Get your truck license, that way you have a job waiting. LOL!

Love Lisxx

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