Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The rising of a new day....

I just couldn't resist this mornings sunrise to take a few snaps! What a gorgeous sunrise, looking out my front door. Grant was on his way to work and I was waving goodbye out the front and thought, quick get the camera. Luckily I got to snap a few before the sun was too high! Lets hope this is the dawning of a fantastic day!

I have my cousin from Port Augusta - South Australia over today, so very looking forward in seeing him again. We spent a bit of time together as kids when I went over on the Indian Pacific with my grandmother to visit for three weeks I think! Anyway, it has been twenty years now since I saw him last, and can't wait to catch up! Can't believe how quickly time flies. He is married with two little girls - Gracie who is 4years and Laura who is 12 weeks.
And while I had the camera out thought I'd take a few snaps of Mo, so you all can see how quickly he is growing. What a handsome little boy he is! Luckily he is mummy's boy, he loves me to death, but doesn't like anyone else, quite happy to have it like that! He He He!

Well that is me for the moment, still taking things day by day, some days easier than others, some days harder than others. Though we are getting there together. Until next time, take care and chat soon!

Love Lisxx

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