Friday, 3 October 2008

I have a new Toy.......

Oh Yes Baby! I am so excited! OK girls minds out of the gutter pleeeasse! I know what you girls are thinking........ I finally received my new Laptop - George! Yeh happy dancing! OMFG how good is this!!!! I can sit in bed and surf, I can sit at the table and watch TV at the same time, oh I am loving it! I bought a Dell Studio 4GB, 2x320GB Hardrive, with all the perks. I didn't hold back! I got the silver one as I love all the swirls in the silver, where the other colours were just flat colours. It has taken a little to get it up and running, had to connect the wireless internet, get my emails up and running, install the TV tuner and program that, you know, blah blah blah, though it is going now, just have the boring task of transferring my important stuff of the old tower computer onto George! Also have to install my camera driver etc, but I ham having to much fun surfing. Have become addicted to Facebook, now once you start there, thats it, my daily ritual starts with check emails, the check facebook, how sad is that! Too sad! But loving it! Keeps my mind occupied.

So meet George! He is my boyfriend, the other guy who I play with! He He He!

OK, so the introductions are aside, you have all met George, no doubt drooled over George, I know, I can't help it either..... Apart from George entering my world, we are in full swing of School holidays here. Grant has taken a few days off to hang with the boys while I work! Nice change! Have really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the weekend too! Will keep you posted!

Until next time, chow!


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