Friday, 24 October 2008

On The scrap front...

Well not much has been done of late unfortunately. I just don't feel I have the right head space for creativity at the moment. I haven't been around SBS forum, the gallery, or even creating at home in past few weeks. So it is with much regret and alot of thought, that I have resigned from my DT position with SBS! Such a sad state of affairs I know, but really the deadlines and the pressure of having to be on the forum, gallery are things that I just cannot do at the moment. I wise friend said to me the other day, that life is like juggling, sometimes you have to drop a few balls to keep the others going. So in order to get myself and my families lives back on track I have to take a step back for the moment and refocus. These past 6 weeks have been one of the hardest in my life. Loosing my mother in law, trying my hardest to help my husband through his loss, all the shitful problems that follow a death, trying to deal with my mother going through her anxieties and not having her to lean on during our own tough times, and now trying to deal with another death, another funeral.

On a much nicer note, on the way home from Wollongong after the funeral on Wednesday, we thought we deserved a break, and thought lets call in and see Jane, I was guaranteed a smile and a hug! And we certainly got that and more. Such a lovely ending to such another sad and flat day! Thanks Jane for your greatest hospitality in letting us drop in with 10 minutes notice. LOL! You definately won Coopers heart! Too funny, he is still talking about you! On the way home he kept say "No home, back Janes". So anytime you want to steal him for awhile, he is all yours. So sorry that Willy was still sick, though I am sure that Therese loved the boys kisses and cuddles too! Thats a guarantee with my boys, they love giving kisses and cuddles. The reno's are looking smashing luv, loving the colours, and so can't wait to see it all finished with the new furniture too! You so deserve it! Give your bro a big pat on the back from me OK!

So with the resigning of SBS, here is my last DT work using MME - My Garden - Sunshine range. I so loved these papers. In a time where there wasn't much happiness in my life, these papers really lifted my spirits and what better way to use them, by making Thank You cards to all my wonderful friends who have supported both me and my husband with the cards, flowers, and numerous phonecalls. Thank you so much, this totally means the world to both of us.

I actually made 12 Thank You Cards - aren't they so bright and cheery!

Also I couldn't resist scrapping just one layout with these papers as well, Coop had the sunshine in his face, the paper range was My sunshine so why not name the layout "You are my sunshine" Just love it! Thanks Trudi for such a wonderful opportunity to be apart of such a great online community, such wonderful products and the most beautiful girls. I will still be around SBS but just on the other side of the fence now! Thank you girls for all your support and hopefully I have inspired you all just a little!

Take care!
Love LIsxx

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