Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Just riding the waves...

One moment is it major lows and the next I am floating on the highs! I feel like I am on an emotional rollercoaster, but at least the last few days there has been highs to celebrate.

Yesterday was such a great day! Yes I still felt flat and quite down, but I had a trifecta in the emotional highs yesterday! Firstly Sandy and Jaimee came over for morning tea, it is always such a great pleasure to spend time with the girl, chatting over coffee and cake! Laughing, and just enjoying each others company! You really helped me yesterday girls. Thank you! SO needed them hugs too! I am so lucky! Plus Jaimee brought me my Stamping Up goodies! Oh so can't wait to play with the papers, the stamps, the calendar and the chipboard.

Secondly I was jumping over the moon when Jaimee mentioned that my Castle had made its way onto the Kaisercraft website, not only my Castle but also as a project to make! OMG I am so chuffed at this! Super super super excited. Now I made this castle a few months ago now, sent it off to Kaiser, and have been waiting to here something back, before I could load it on my own Blog! So stunned to see it on Kaisers website, project and all! Super stoked. So here it is, "My home is my Castle"
Kaisercraft Castle and Kaisercraft Reminiscence Papers

My third great high for the day as I got a little card in the mail from the ever gorgeous Kerry, just a line to say "Hello" in her cute handmade card, telling me she is thinking of me, etc. So sweet and couldn't have come at a better time. We eventually caught up on facebook last night, so that was even better! Love you my sweet friend, just need to save some pennies and take you up on that offer of a weekend in Qld!
So there you have it, they say things come in three's and I certainly got my three highs today!
Lets hope the sun continues to shine!
Will be back shortly with some more projects I have been working on lately!
Love Always

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Al said...

Lis, you know how I love castle album and how awesome it looks. You did an amazing job creating it, and to have it feature in the workshop is thrilling for you!
Congrats to you luv xx