Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Week So Far!

Well this week had been really productive, very proud of myself. The whole weekend I spent doing a pre-spring clean, started in the main bedroom, pulled the bed out, tidued underneath, vacuumed underneath, went through all the clothes and drawers, and wardrobe, refolded everything and put everything back in neatly. Cleaned the window sills and the mirrors on the built in. Then moved onto Travis's then Coopers Rooms and done the same, again in the bathroom and the kitchen, then the Lounge Room. No corner was left untouched, unpolished, untidied, or unsorted! Also vacuumed and washed the floors, cleaned out the linen press, pantry, fridge and oven! Feels so good to have everything so wonderfully clean and tidy! While I was busy cleaning, Grant took the loungeroom mat outside and gave it a good pressure clean, then took down each timber venetian - 5 in all, used the air compressor to blow all the dust off, then used his panelbeaters spray gun, to respray linseed oil onto them, they look a million dollars and smell it too! Great weekend all in all, even though I was busy. Still have the laundry and the back room to do, but that can wait until another day!

Grant had off Monday and Tuesday as his Picnic then Roster Day, and it was really nice to have him home and get some odd jobs done around the house together! This is what family is all about! Grant spent Tuesday pulling out the motor in his commodore, ready to repimp everything, then respray the engine bay, and some time down the track respray the outside and pimp the inside. He gets a kick out of doing cars up, think he is onto his 4th since I have known him! Not to mention all the others he has done for his mates! Handy being a panel beater and a great one at that! So while Grant was playing with his Commodore, the kids were happy playing out in the shed too, so I got some well earnt scrapping time, and completed two layouts for my Feature Designer position at The Scrapbook Establishment. This month is all about Type - or Typography! So my layouts have to incorporate Type to some description. Here they are:-

Today is Wednesday and the kids and I spent the day with Nanny shopping again! Bought Grant some work shorts, and I got myself some baskets to fill full of scrapbooking stuff when I get to cleaning out the backroom! Can't wait to reorganise all my stuff again, so it is even easier to find, I so dream of oneday having my own little Scrapping Shack out the back! Oh one day!

Also completed another layout last week that I forgot to put up here, it was a sketch challenge from Kathy Pit over at TSE, have to admit that I am really loving these sketch challenges at the moment, takes all the hard work out of where to put your papers and pictures! Great stuff Kathy, keep them coming!

Tomorrow is Thursday and its work all day doing Book work and wages, then Friday I have the carpet cleaning people come in to clean my carpets, yay, then all my house will be clean from top to bottom! So happy about that! Saturday is Beauty Therapy day at Medowie and Sunday I am catching up with my bestie Jane Blanch, who we have been the closest and bestest friends for the past 27 years! May even get some scrapping done on Sunday too, see what happens! Until then take care and give all your families huge kisses and cuddles.

Love Always


AnnetteL said...

Whoa you've been busy Lis!! I absolutely LOVE those LO's - WOW!!

Kathleen Pitt said...

Goodness me girl, you have BEEN Busy!!!! I wish you could come and Spring clean my house lol loving your work , tis rockin:)

Jane Ettia Jones said...

you totally amaze me with how much you get done. I so need to take a leaf out of your book, okay you need to teach me to be so organised......