Thursday, 2 August 2007

I met the ever gorgeous Jonesy!

Hi Everyone, I have had the most amazing weekend! I had a weekend off and went to Sydney to spend a fantastic weekend away with Jane! What a wonderful person she is! It felt like we had known each other for years and visiting her was a normal occurence. I totally enjoyed her, her puppies and her beautiful mother and father! Not once did I feel uncomfortable, I just felt totally at home like I belonged there and visiting was a normal occurance! Janes mum is just the sweetest lady, and she makes the best chicken curry, believe me! So glad I got to stay for lunch on Sunday, so worth it! When I arrived we oohed and ahhed over all of our creations, Jane has shelves and shelves full, and her scrap room is to die for especially in real life, drawers and shelves and cupboards full of supplies, wished I lived there, I would never surface! Then we went shopping at Scrapbook HQ, got some amazing chipboard cutouts and so cheap, like $5 for 12x12! Amazing, we bought some templates for some wonderful creations to make. Once home, we met up with the girls from TSE. How exciting, but again, it was like we were all long lost buddies, the natter just kept going constantly!
Meeting all the girls, Rae, Lara (& Nicholas), Annette L and Annette R (Baby A), wow, what an awesome experience! You girls are just divine and so is your Rocky Road Lara! What a hit that was! I can't believe that a little forum could create so many great friendships that I will treasure forever. To Annette R I am forever grateful for being apart of TSE!


JANES DAD (Priceless smile)I really enjoyed the shopping with Jane, drooling all over Janes beautiful creations, and believe me when I say, there are heaps! I mean heaps! Boxes and shelves full of OTP creations! And all just simply stunning, as someone said, how come we don't know you? You should be famous by now, another Ali, fabulous fabulous work and I am so proud that you are apart of TSE!

Saturday night we had so much fun creating our own creations, plus dancing and amusing Willy. Sunday was much of the same, more scrapbooking, more entertaining Willy. I just loved all of it, I really unwound! Jane I can never explain in words just how delighted I was to be apart of your world and for you and your family in welcoming me into your home! Again Truly blessed! So before I get too soppy and mushy, I will say thankyou to all the girls who came over to Janes, Lara, Rae, and Annette L and Annette R and your gorgeous boys, I had a great time meeting with you all, and Jane I love you and your family, and can't wait until the next time!

My Ribbon Book

My Handbag!

Back home to reality, even had my mum and dad waiting for me at home, was like I had been away for months, really made my night! My babies were all over me, couldn't get enough cuddles and kisses, makes it all worthwhile! Dad ordered Chinese and I filled them all in on my wonderful weekend away. Mum instantly fell in love with my handbag!

Again, thanks to all the girls at TSE for coming to meet Jane and I! Was awesome of you all and fantastic to meet you, to my gorgeous Jane, and your wonderful parents, thanking your welcoming me into your world for the weekend, I had a ball and enjoyed every minute! So whens the next one! Good night and sweet dreams! Will post some more about the week so far tomorrow!

Love Lisxx


Tammy said...

Okay finaly got your blog address right and Oh am I ever jealous you got to meet my sis... girl you two are so awesome together... don't you think? I'm jealous but so happy for you both at the same time... I'm also upset cause Janey said she told you to swing by and pick me up on the way to her house and you drove right past Texas!!!!

Tammy said...

Oh my I missed the picture of Willie and the baby at first... How very perfect is that picture???

Jane Ettia Jones said...

Girl you are so welcome, but it's me that should be thanking you cause I had the best weekend. Thank you so much for everything

and girl i love your purse i tried to steal it while you were not looking LOL.

can't wait to do it again

Kathy Pitt said...

how did i miss this gorgeous work Lisa, I soooo love that bag, it just is soo gorgeous. Girl you are so clever :) So glad you had an awesome time away!