Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Funny & Cute

Well the past week and been a bit blah for me, sick with the flu for the second time this winter. Haven't been doing to much, haven't even taken the kids to swimming lessons, I know that is slack but hey, I had no motivation or sensibly did not want to venture in to the water and make my flu any worse. So we've been staying home and not doing much just trying to stay out of mischief.
A couple of funny things during the week though. Of course we have our new puppy and we are enjoying him to bits. He is so funny and cute and has the best little personality. Anyway, this particular day, was busy doing our own things when I thought, were is "Rusty Puppy" so off i went to find him, after a short while I found him in the bathroom, sound alseep in my slipper, was too cute to resist so I just had to take a pic! What an absolute cutie.

Another funny for the week, Trav had had a big day playing and doing things that kids do. On this particular day he did not have his daily nap, about 5pm he wanted a sandwich and curled up on the lounge to watch his daily cartoons while I cooked tea. Just as tea was ready I came to get him and this is how I found him, absolutely dead tired, fell asleep on the lounge sitting up with his sangas still in his lap, too priceless.

Third funny for the week, Cooper decided that Rusty Puppys new bed was really comfy and this is where I often find him watching TV now? Poor Rusty has to sleep on the floor!

My mum and Dad left for Europe on Saturday, so boo hoo for me, I am so close to my parents and I usually see them everyday, if not, I chat on the phone to them, probably because I am an only child and have a good bond with them. So they are off and left us here all alone, boo hoo, and I am left to look after the business, check their house and feed their animals. Travis had a big cry too when their bus picked them up to travel to Sydney airport! A very sad day indeed, lets hope they enjoy their time in Europe, as I am sure they will, least mum has her Travel Diary with her that I made.

This is the last week of me being a Guest Designer with The Scrapbook Establishment. My challenges this month was to complete two layouts each with Type. I have really enjoyed being apart of TSE and being a Guest Designer and coming up with new layouts each week. I hope everyone has enjoyed my layouts and hope that you may find one of my elements to scraplift!

Yesterday I had my PC put in to be fixed as he was feeling a little under the weather of late. Just running too slow, and every time I went to jump on the Net or open a program in would say "Not Responding" If only I could do that some days. Anyway we are all up and running again, and I have to say, I had serious withdrawals without being able to jump on my PC in just over 30 hours. Sad I know, is there therapy for this kind of addiction, cause I think I need it!
Well thats it for me today, tomorrow is the beginning of TSE Pre-Summer Diet Challenge, so tomorrow is the start of the new me! Even Granto is going to complete the challenge with me! I think he is keener than me, Not sure if I can give up my daily chocolate or coke. Will have to try really really hard, wahhhhhhhh! Anyway, tomorrows another day! All the best to everybody who is in the challenge. It certainly will be life changing, well hopefully anyway!
Have a great day! Lisxx


Kristine said...

Your puppy is TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to give him a big squeeze. Glad you captured the slipper sleeper moment - I want one (the puppy, you can keep your slippers lol).

Jane Ettia Jones said...

Oh how cute is Rusty Puppy that is a priceless picture indeed. And Travis my mate falling asleep with his jandals in his lap is just precious, looks like he wore himself out. Cooper well his just a total crack up, his now retreated to the dog bed LOL.

You poor thing, i know how much you will miss your parents I hope the time goes fast for you and slow for them.

Finally I love your layouts for the TSE Guest Designer, you did an awesome job on type girl you should be just so bloody proud of yourself, i know i am of you.

hugs and so glad the puter is all fixed i was starting to get withdrawals LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the pup. Don't they just provide the cutest photo opportunities. Looks like you have had an exciting week.