Tuesday, 21 August 2007

I've been RAKed

I got a surprise RAK in the mail today and it had the most gorgeous scrapbooking treasures inside, wow, what a surprise and what a gorgeous RAK! It really brightened my day, thats for sure, with being sick with this darn flu, was nice to know someone was thinking of me and loves me lots, as the little note says "Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for your wonderful friendship, I love you to bit! Happy TSE RAK" How sweet is that, really tugged on the ole heart strings, so I can only guess that it is from the ever gorgeous Kathy! Hopefully I am right! You are such a treasure and a gorgeous gorgeous person, thank you ever so much, really brightened my day and I so so love it, the little treasures are just beautiful.


Kathleen Pitt said...

Now Lisa, why would you think it was me! lol

Jane Ettia Jones said...

just gorgeous isn't it lisa
got mine yesterday and so in love