Sunday, 12 August 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

I have been tagged by the beautiful Jane Jones as having a Rockin Girl Blogger!
1-Post these rules.
2-Each person tagged must post 8 random (... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves.
3-Taggees should write a blogpost of these facts.
4- At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named and released back into the wild.
5-Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

So here are my 8 random things:
1. I have a beautiful tattoo in honour of my two beautiful boys who will forever be apart of me!
2. This is currently my second marriage
3. Grant and I eloped to Fiji in 2004.
4. I have only been scrapping now for just over 12 months!
5. I moved out of home at 18, then came back and went again probably ten times
6. I am seriously addicted to chocolate
7. I have a friendship that has endured 27 wonderful years - my childhood friend Jane Blanch.
8. This is my second house I have owned and onto my 5th car, and love my Subaru Forrester to death!

So now I have to tag 8 more people, gee, who hasn't been tagged, OK, Kristine, Jaimee, Lyndall, Michelle, Katherine, Lou, Kathy and Jane. That makes 8 but I already know that Kathy, Lou and Jane have been tagged, so the other five, you are inducted into the Rockin Girl Blogger hall of fame! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for including me too. But have a big question - how do I get that logo thingy to show up on my blog?


Anonymous said...

Who else needs to be 'rocked' I can't think of anyone that hasn't already been done.

AnnetteL said...

I loved reading those random facts about you Lisa, TFS!!

Kathleen Pitt said...

Thanks for the Tag Lisa! and wow, tattoo eh, would never have guessed that lol I guess i better do this tag, seeing as I have been hit about 3 times now lol