Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Rainbows Bridge

Hi All, I have been holding off posting until I could get a pic from mum of her cat Bailey! Bailey has been with our family for the past 11 years. On this particular day 11 years ago, mum was on one of her daily walks, as she passed a paddock she noticed a green platic garbage bag moving beside the paddock fence. Curiosity got the better of her, and she went to see what it was, she opened the bag to find a little kitten inside. Obviously the poor thing had only been dumped minutes before. Mum, who is a huge animal lover of course took it home with the intention of finding the kitten a good home, but fell in love with him, named him Bailey and he remained part of our family for 11 years. The past 3-4 had been hard for Bailey as he was diagnosed with Diabetes, where mum had to give him two insulin injections a day! The past six month his diabetes worsened, and became uncontrollable no matter what mum or the vets did for him. Then mum found a mass in his stomach last week, the vets operated to see what it was, a tumour had wrapped around his intestines and pancreas, and all other lower organs, and the best thing for him was to give him the green dream and let him pass over to the Rainbows Bridge. This was a very sad sad day for all of us, especially my mum, who shed tears for days, and still looks out for him, out of habit! So Bailey this ones for you, we love you little buddy, we miss you and we will never forget you!

Author unknown
Just this side of Heaven, before the Pearly Gates
Is a sunny meadow where your pets can rest and wait.
It's where the slanting sunshine meets the highest clouds,
A floating bridge of rainbows, so far above the ground.
This is where we wait for you, if we have gone before,
Just out of sight of mortals, just outside heaven's door;
Here we play in sunshine, frolic free from age or pain,
And anticipate the joyful time when we will meet again.
Every pet that's lived on Earth can bide his time, can wait,
For that special person to come walking to the Rainbow Gates,
And everyone who's loved a pet will find them safely here,
Frolicking on Rainbow Bridge till your own time draws near.
One day there comes a feeling, a trembling in the air,
And then we know it's time to run and come to meet you there,
Faster and faster on that day, across Rainbow Bridge we'll run,
To meet the humans we love best, come walking in the sun.
Alas my friend you cannot pass across Rainbow Bridge with me,
But when your time for glory comes, waiting for you I'll be -
Then together we will walk upon a path of glittering light,
No more to suffer, nor to part, but to live forever side by side.
Every pet that's lived on Earth can bide his time and wait
Until together with his person he goes through those Pearly Gates,
And everyone who's loved a pet, you'll find them waiting here,
Safe and sound on Rainbow Bridge till your own time draws near.
RIP Bailey - 11 wonderful years!


AnnetteL said...

What a beautiful cat Bailey was Lis, I have to go now and get some tissues - that was such a beautiful poem, but I am now crying like a baby!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh no i am at work reading this and my eyes are welling up with tears. just so terribly sad hope your mum is doing better tell her my heart goes out to her