Tuesday, 22 January 2008

You know they are growing up when........

They tell the hairdresser exactly what they want, zig zags and all! Mind you Travis is still 4, not 5 until 6th March! And here we were, getting our school haircut and he insists of having his hair short with zigzags at the side! Well, blow me off the chair backwards, I couldn't help but giggle! Then I was thinking, my god, how quick is he growing up? He even knows what type of haircut he wants! Mind you, the mirrors at home got a good work out too once we were home, he couldn't stop looking at himself, he was so proud of his zigzags! Oh to be vain! He was so worried when we got home from swimming lessons in the afternoon, that the pool water had washed his zigzags away, he was so relieved when we got home and he headed straight for that mirror again to make sure they were still there. Though you know I had fun with him don't you, telling him that I couldn't see them! Oh I couldn't stop smiling and giggling, so gullible, poor Trav!

After the Hairdressers, now that was Cooper, Trav and I, all for haircuts, ready for school and me to go back to work at the Salon! Time just flies! I spent the rest of the day doing cleaning chores and some scrapping. Made my Cybercrop Challenge for The Scrapbook Establishment Cybercrop, beginning on the 1st February 2008! Going to be a great Cybercrop! Put that date in your diary and come and join us! Here's a sneak peak!

Anyway, best be off, my bed is calling! Sweet dreams everyone!

Love Lisx

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