Sunday, 6 January 2008

Blind I tell You!!!!

My lovely darling two year old Cooper decides the first thing he would do when he woke up on Wednesday 2nd January 2008, would be to sneak into my room, and grab my glasses and then say "Mummy". I open my eyes scream "Cooper NO!!!" and what does he do, with each hand on the glasses arms, rips them apart, totally mangelled! Charming! I was totally devastated!

I then went up to Greenhills to see if they could fix them, they straightened them out to the best of their ability and they were still really lopsided on my face! So i bought a new pair, which they said would be in by Friday! OK, I said, thats not too bad!! As long as I had my glasses for Sydney tomorrow, all would be good!

So what happens Thursday morning while I am trying to get ready, the glasses just fall to pieces. I am beyond devastation at this time! Cursing Cooper for being such a brat!!! So I then ring dad to come and get me and take me up the shop to get some Super Glue as I can't see to drive. The bloody super glue did not work! Sandy arrives, and I fill her in and feel like a bloody disabled old granny who needs help to walk and find things. Where is the guide dog when you need it! anyway all was good. Sandy drove, Jaimee navigated and I just sat in the back, squinting and trying to see where I was going! The girls cracked me up when we stopped off at the twin servos for a toilet stop and me for food, I was looking around trying to find the straws, the girls were sitting down waiting for me, when Sandy jumps up and waves, yelling out, over here Lisa! OMG I just cracked up, they thought I couldn't see them and I was lost! It was hilarious!
Sandy, Me & Jaimee

So I copped the blind lady jokes all day! Which I will fill you in on the day in another post in a sec! Friday comes and I ring OPSM and the glasses never arrived, sorry, they should be hear Monday afternoon, and I am like "What the", Are you serious??? No Way!!!! I completely had a meltdown, I got off the phone and balled my eyes out, such a big baby I know, but I am seriously incapacitated without my glasses! So difficult, huge headaches, felling nauseated all the time, giddy, frustrated because I can't find anything! So pissed off! OPSM didn't care that I couldn't see!

Anyway Saturday comes and dad is like "Lisa you can't go on like this, not having to look after the two boys" and I am like "No kidding". So he takes me for another drive to Maitland this time, and OPSM had a go at soldering them, took them 2 hours mind you! Anyway, to my delight they are just holding together. Still can't go out in public as the bloody glasses are still really lopsided and out of proportion, and I look like someone who escaped from the Funny Farm! But hey, I can see lopsidedly anyway! Still giving me a headache but its better than not seeing at all! Bring on Monday I say!


Jane Ettia Jones said...

hey granny oh i mean lis sorry i am trying really hard not to laugh but i can picture the lopsided granny glasses. you know my story huh of you with your face planted right up on the windscreen, squinting and cursing cooper lol. okay i swear i am not laughing at you i am laughing with you lol

Kerry said...

oh lis you poor thing - I thought you must've been wearing contacts or something that day lol
little boys are little buggers, I know ALL about it