Friday, 18 January 2008

A pretty Mundane Week Really

Not much happening on the Hallett front.
During the week I got my February DT work done for TSE! Unfortunately I can't share with you what I have done but here's a sneak peak!

Also on the scrapping front, TSE is having its first Cybercrop for the year starting on February 1st. There will be lots of games, great challenges and fantastic prizes, that lasts a whole 9 Days ( to the following Sunday). Make sure you come along, will be lots of fun as usual!

Wednesday went and spent the morning with the very gorgeous Sandy! So love going to visit at her place. So peaceful, love catching up with her, love her witty sense of humour, she just gives me the best smiles and giggles to last me until the next visit! Sandy you rock girl!

Friday saw the first Pre-school day for Cooper, as to how it went, well lets just say that the whole centre knows who Cooper is. The girls there are fantastic, and they were very positive about the whole thing, their response was "We learnt that Cooper has no willpower, has no patience, has a very loud set of lungs and is very head strong". LOL! They could of just said a little shit!! LMAO! BUt yes Cooper is all those things, he is cheeky, very funny, but if he doesn't get what he want then and there, well all hell breaks loose! Terrible twos are such a lovely part of toddlerhood! So challenging!

So, Travis and I decided that we would spend the day together, as we haven't done this since Cooper was born (over two years) and we went on a DATE (As Travis kept telling everyone) to the Movies to see the Bee Movie. Such a sweet movie. We had a great time together, then went and visited Nanny at work at the Vets, checked out all the sick animals, then went to Macca's for lunch and came home, snuggled up together and crashed until 3pm. Just in time to pick up a very high spirited Cooper. Even the girls at the preschool said they couldn't believe how totally different Travis & Cooper are! They also said "That there will be no way they will be able to twist Cooper around their little finger, like they had with Travis". Now aint that the truth! Don't get me wrong, Cooper is no brat, he can be quite sweet, he is very good at sharing, he is so hilarious, has us in a constant state of the giggles, but his fuse is very very short and he is very headstrong and independant.

It was also Michelle's Birthday from TSE on the 16th January! Happy Birthday Michelle. Sandy and I celebrated over a cuppa and a piece of Apple & Cream Slipper, plus some extra yummy Cinnamon Muffins that Sandy baked. Hope you had a wonderful day! We were thinking of you!

That concludes my week so far, hope you all have a great weekend and will chat soon!

Love Lisxx

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