Sunday, 27 January 2008

Pulling my hair out!

One word! Cooper! What a little devil! I am learning that I have to have eyes in the back of my head of late, maybe its his personality or maybe its because he has hit the terrible two's but holy dooley, Travis was NOTHING like Cooper at two! Trav was my angel! Cooper is into everything! This past week more so than ever! Every day it has been a new thing he has done that is naughty! Testing, maybe? Just downright Cheeky and mischievious, definately!

Wednesday - I go out to get the washing off the line, Here I am thinking that both boys are asleep! How wrong was I! Cooper was just waiting for me to go outside I am sure, because as soon as I go outside, he was straight in to the toilet, grabbed the Toilet Bleach, somehow got the childproof lid off and tipped 3/4 of a bottle onto his bedroom carpet. As i set foot back inside the house, it took a few seconds to register that the smell was bleach, and straight away my thoughts are "Cooper". Lucky for him, he never got any in his eyes or swallowed any! Just the poor carpet was affected. I tipped about 10 bowls of water on it immediately to try and dilute it, and it worked mostly, but there are some spots that are now not the same colour as the rest of the carpet, and the carpet is only 3 years old! I nearly cried! Though it could have been alot worse!

Thursday, work at Dads, whilst I am working and in the care of Nanny, thank goodness, Coop gets his hands on a thick black permanent texta, and you name it, Nanny & Poppy's dining room wall copped his artwork! Poor Nanny nearly had a heartattack, and whilst trying to get it off before Poppy found it and blew his stack, she takes the paint of the wall with it! Oh Cooper!

Friday Cooper had a terrible morning at preschool, cried for two whole hours until he made himself sick, so at 10.30am I had to go an pick him up. Of course he is not sick, just Cooper and his tantrums, anyway, he gets home and runs amuck! Laughing, giggling and being cheeky! The boys were happy playing together in the loungeroom, so off I go to vacuum, by the time I make it out to the Backroom, there is a new display of Coopers artwork all over the tiles in the backroom. Oh joy! And I mean 11 tiles including the grout! I can't believe this kid lately! He gets a smack on the hand everytime he does something naughty and gets a stern voice saying No Naughty, but he keeps doing these naughty things! Any help or advice would be great! Never had to go through any of this with Travis!

Yesterday we enjoyed a great Australia Day morning and headed to Caves beach for a play on the beach and a frolic in the caves! The kids really enjoyed themselves, pity it was high tide and couldn't get to the majority of the caves! We then headed to Macca's for lunch of course! What else would we have? By the time we got home, me and the boys crashed whilst Grant mowed the lawn and celebrated Australia day with a few beers! Had a good ole Aussie BBQ for tea then we all retired at 8.30pm and watched Premonition with Sandra Bullock, great movie! Great Australia Day too!

Well today, I have been scrapping while Grant spent the day out fishing with two of his mates. Fishing tournaments start next week so they went out for a practise run. Came home with about 12 Nanny Guy's and 2 Snappers! Looks like we are having fish for a few days! Completed a layout of Trav with some of the new papers I got - the Kaisercraft - Rough & Tough! Also started a Kaiser Organiser for Mum using Kaisercraft - Tudor papers! Though this one will take me a few more days I think! Am so in Kaiser heaven at the moment, their products really do rock! This is the stash I bought from TSE and received on Friday! What did I say, "Kaiser Heaven"!

Time for me to blow this joint and go and organise some tea for my tribe! Hope you are all having a lovely long weekend!
Chat soon


Marie said...

oh dear, he is certainly testing you out. I truly don't have any advice but perhaps give him some paper and tell him that you would love to see his drawings on the paper. Tricky one.

I love Caves Beach. It's been years since I've been there. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

Kristine said...

oh wow Lisa! A bit of a handful at the moment - maybe it will be a temporary "two's" thing? Fingers crossed hey? Don't know if my advice is much to go by at all but I will offer it anyway seeing as you asked...I started doing the warning first (as in - "you will be sent to your room if you do that again" spiel)and on the second attempt I will count to three really slowly and if the behaviour hasn't stopped, timeout in the bedroom (no toys in sight!)- one minute for each year of age. Then when time is up I get him to tell me what he did wrong and apologise and I usually get a hug as well. :) It has worked suprisingly well for Adam and 90% of the time he will stop the bad behaviour before I get to 3 now. That is my only advice. Other then that, confiscate the pens for awhile and maybe just leave the crayons out? pmsl. No really, I feel for you Lisa. Fingers crossed it is just a short phase.

Al said...

Gee Lisa ... I don't know what to say. Neither of my boys did this, though they did other things instead.
Hmm ... I think the time out warning is good. And confiscation of toys is always the best, and make sure it is his favourite.
Have you tried a reward chart of sorts. There are some on the internet you could find an download.
Caves Beach looks beautiful and peaceful - you lucky things.

Tammy said...

Lisa... all I can say is...WELCOME TO MY WORLD!! With 5 kids.. I can sooo relate!

Tammy said...

Where ya been girl?

Kerry said...

Oh Lis, gotta love boys huh! I've had artwork on my cream leather couches, wall, desks, timber floors. They just don't get it! It does finally sink in that they should only draw on paper. My only advice would be to only give pens, textas etc when they are being supervised. I know this is a tricky one cause they always seem to find a pen or texta lying around. Good luck. My Kaleb is going to be a terror, I can feel it already. I try to scrap at my desk and he walks around and under my desk (holding on with one hand of course) and pulls everything out of the bin and then his little hand reaches up and over my table and camboom everything is strewn over the floor. Ah, like I said, gotta love boys lol