Sunday, 6 January 2008

28th December 2007

Well all the rush is finally over, two days of eating, partying, having a good time but a hectic time, so it was time to sit back, relax and have fun with the kids. So when we asked Coop what he wanted to do he replied "Ning Ning" (Motorbike). So Grant and Coop did endless laps around the back yard on the Peewee 50, with Cooper not letting Grant hold onto the handle bars, he had to do it all by himself, scary I know at only 2years old! But they had a great time, while I swang on my Swing seat, eating prawns and drinking a Cruiser! Now this is the life!

Though we did have a visitor, an unwelcomed visitor at that. The past few weeks have brought in the spiders, little buggers. Grant has killed 2 Funnell Webs, a few more Wolf spiders, and then this little or should I say Big Bugger, decides to join us on the Trampoline. What the hell is it?? A spider!! Yep, that much I know, but what kind. I have googled, and I cannot for the life of me determine what type, you would think it would be easy with a white line down its back, so if you find out, please let me know, I am assuming this one is the male, as a brown one with the white stripe showed up a little later. Mind you they had a little trip to heaven, as I was not taking the risk with the kids playing in the back yard in case they were dangerous. Ewww, they give me the creeps.

Well I'll leave you with that creepy vision, until next time, don't have nightmares!

Love Lisxx


Lisa said...

Found out what sort of Spide it was: It was a Striped Garden Orb Spider! Like the white tail spider it causes mild illness and ulcerates your skin! Lovely! Its dead now anyway, so is its wife we found today!!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

cooper on the motorbike he looks so grown up except for his dummy lol how adorable is that

Kerry said...

lol Jane, i was thinking it was so funny seeing coop with the dummy in his mouth on a motor bike, and in the other pics on the bike - very cute lis