Monday, 21 January 2008

Ended in Bliss!

Well here I was worried what I had to cook for tea, and Nanny & Poppy turned up for a visit. After a chat, it was time for them to go home. Well the kids cried and wanted to go with them, so Mum said its OK, they can have a sleepover. Man I nearly fell over backwards, I can count on one hand the number of times mum has had both the kids at the same time. I'm like "Are you sure"!!! So off they went, it was quiet, just Grant and I! So we cooked Chicken Burrito's together, so yummy! Then Grants mate turned up, and they were happy watch the Shark shows on Discovery! So I scrapped Annette Lee's Birthday Card!

The I decided that I would CHILL, and take a few moments for me, so I went and ran myself a nice big hot bubble bath and enjoyed the silence, by candlelight and totally relaxed. Ended in total bliss! I just love hot bubblebaths, don't usually have one very often cause I always have to share them with the kids, they see me and the bubblebath and its "Mum, can we get in" and of course they are in with you before you can even respond! So no baths very often for me, just showers, and mind you, I usually have to share them too, little devils!

So it was a perfect end to such a great day!
Love Lisxx

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Marie said...

That sure does look like pure bliss!!!!