Friday, 4 January 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Cooper

Well its boxing day and we are doing it all over again for Coops birthday today!

We had a great day! Sensational day! We had a sausage sizzle for lunch, with salads galore, dips, chips, cheese platter and biscuits, chocolate spiders, lollies, fairy bread, you name it, it was there! A few bottles of wine to go with it! Was a great day! We just had immediate family, and a few of our closest friends and their kids! Went off like a bomb!
Cooper was like, what the!!! More presents, excellent, let me at them, once he got through all them, he is picking up the wrappings looking under them saying "More"! Priceless!
The kids played, we all ate too much, we then done the cake! Cooper had a blast blowing out the candles and yellingout Hooray!! Too funny!
Gotcha blowing out the candles!!!Then some people dwindled off, and the rest of us ended up playing slip and slide for the afternoon. We had the best fun! Let me tell you. We were soaked, covered in bubbles, even us adults joined in on the fun! What a blast!

Even Coop joined in!
Look mum - No Hands (Trav)
Mele and I did a tandem run together!
Granto again - the biggest kid there I think!
Stacks on Mele!!!
Just love this photo of Trav!
Fabulous day!
Though let me tell you the next day us poor unfit adults payed for it! We hurt in places we never knew existed. It hurt to sneeze, to laugh, out stomach muscles cained for days, not to mention our legs, arms and well my pubic bone felt like it had had a rightful pounding! Oh to be so lucky! The only thing that pounded it was the ground as I landed! Too funny, but an awesome day!
Happy Brithday again Coop! Can't believe you are two already! Time certainly does fly! So here we go, better hold on to my hats, cause we have just entered the terrible twos! Are you scared??????

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

Happy Birthday Cooper looks like he had an awesome day so much fun on the slide too heeheeee and that last photos of travis is just perfect lis