Sunday, 6 January 2008

TSE Bankstown Buffet & Bourbon lunch

What a day we had! Firstly Sandy, Jaimee and I made the road trip to Sydney, Sandy driving, Jaimee navigating with the Navman, and me in the backseat pretending to see! A few giggles and jokes were passed my way as to my disability (blindness)! Very funny! We were quite over the Navmans mundane womans voice in about 5 minutes, and Sandy decided it should be an Aussie Chicks voice "You dumb bastard, you went the wrong way", "Blow it out your arse" and other wonderful phrases! Think she may be onto something there! Well the laughs were worth it.
Top from left to right
Marcela, me, Skye, Annette Lee & A!Bottom left to right - Sandy, Jaimee & Jane

We arrived at Janes at 10.30am, had a cuppa, gave Jane her Chrissy present and gave Janes mum and big box of Darryl Lea choccy's. Jane gave us a pressie too, cheeky thing! I got a Daily Thoughts book, just beautiful, with my colours too, where I have to take one photo of something that occured in everyday, and write about it in my journal. What a fab idea!!!! Can't wait to start that! We watched Willy playing with his balloon, and finally he decides he likes our attention, and starts whistling, dancing and playing tunes. Awesome. Was so great to see Jane and her gorgeous family again!

Janes pressie from me

Our pressy from Jane

The best day I have had for such a long time. My cheeks and stomach hurt from all the laughing. So so blessed to find such a great bunch of girls! It was like catching up with old school buddies, we all just chatted, and laughed like we had known each other for years!
The day was dedicated to Jane, who has had a rather hard time of it of late, with constant ups and downs with her dad! Hats off to her for doing such an amazing job! Jane is such a selfless person, amazing woman and bloody talented scrapper! so we all pitched in, 18 of us, and got her a gift voucher to spend on herself! We all gave her our own cards with words that moved her to tears one minute and belly laughs the next!

Jane crying from the gift we all gave her!

There was talk of what Jane had been doing with her batteries, seeing that her camera was flat!!!! We chatted about TSE, the laughs we have had on the forum, the jokes that circulate, how much dessert Marcela could eat!!! . It was a great great bloody fantastic day! Can't wait to do it again! Once we left the RSL, Jamiee, Sandy & I went back to Janes for a cuppa before heading home, we giggled at Janes mum for all the chocolate she eats and sneaks, hey, I don't see a problem with that, coming from a self confessed chocoholic myself. Mind you we didn't leave until 6.30pm which meant we didn't get home until 8.30pm that night! A huge day but oh so worth it!

Summary of the day

Can't wait for the next TSE Bankstown Buffet & Bourbon Lunch!!!
Love you all Girls, you are the greatest!
Love Lisxx

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

everytime i see pictures of this day it brings me to tears and laughter, i had the best day ever and i with you greatest bunch of friends on tse luv them all too.

thank you lis also for driving all that way to spend time with me, I am blown away how lucky i am to have you as a friend