Monday, 21 January 2008

Scrapping Time

Finally! Time for scrapping! All the housework is done, Grants home, kids out the back with Grant, time to scrap all to myself! And what a productive day I had too! I got three layouts done today! Very happy with myself! I got Jaimee's Tribute Challenge pages done for my mum and dads pages. January was to scrap a layout about the childhood of the person/people youare paying tribute too! Another great topic from Jaimee!

and I also got Janes Page Challenge done too! This month, Jane decided that New Years Resolutions suck and that we never stick to them, so instead, we had to pick one word to reflect on for the whole year instead! So I chose Chill! I am such a stresser, worrier, have no patience, blah, blah, blah, so I decided my word would have to be CHILL! Don't stress the small stuff, take deep breaths, and take time out for me to Chill! Great topic I say! so much better that 10 stupid New Year Resolutions that you never stick to!

In the afternoon Grants sister Kate and mum Jeanette came to visit, nice visit, ended up waxing Kates arms, too funny, haven't done that for a few years, just don't have the calling for arm waxes in Newcastle! Ended up with very waxy fingers, but hey, the end result was all good! Kate fitted Travis for her new range of PJ's coming out this winter! She not only will have womens this year, but also Mens and Kids. The kids are adorable, and Travis didn't want to take them off! Too Funny! Looks like I will have to put in another order for Winter as I am up for a new pair of her signature PJ's too! If you are interested check her website out. The footed jumpsuit is her signature! Awesome, so warm! Never cold in bed again, believe me!

We all ended up going for tea at Hogs Breath. Man they have nice food there! Sunday, didn't do too much! Did the paperwork at Dads while Grant and Dad played around with the Corvette. After the paperwork was done, mum, the kids and I, all spent an hour in the pool! Gorgeous way to end the day and take out Chinese, Dad's shout! Even better, no cooking again! LOL!

Today Grant had a roster day off, took Cooper for his Swimming Lessons, had a look at Printers, but just can't decide on which one I like! Came home and spent the arvo watching movies! Great slack Monday arvo, now just need the fairies to come in and cook tea too! LOL! Sure!

Took this pic of Coop yesterday, and just had to share, what gorgeous eyes he has! Anyway hope your weekend was great! Chat soon....

Love Lisxx

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