Monday, 14 January 2008

A Week Later

and here I am again! One really exciting news that I can share with you is that I am apart of TSE's new DT (Dream Team) along with 8 (Jaimee, Jane, Kristine, Trudi, Vita, Ngaire, Ruth, Marie & Me) other talented girls. So honoured that A! has given me this opportunity! So so excited. To see the other talented girls, just check out their blogs on the side! Well done girls so pumped and looking forward to working with you all and learning more! Its going to be a great year at TSE, I can feel it in my waters!

The past week I have been doing nothing too exciting, believe me! Last Sunday we found that we had a huge problem with our Storm Water pipes in our backyard, so after five huge holes, we found the problem, (and we have a huge yard - 1300m2 block, most of it being backyard). We found that the storm water went right under our garage and finished just at the back of it, where the big aggy pipe at the end had been blocked by a roof tile that was buried in the ground, for whatever reason! So after we found out the problem, we organised an excavator to come Monday to dig a 20 mtr trench, 1.5 metre deep and extend the storm water to the back fence. Just what we needed right after Christmas! Though the kids loved the excavator and Coop kept wanting "BOB", thought it was part of Bob the Builders" crew in our backyard!

The Big Excavator (BOB)

And of course they loved all the dirt! Though we did have one mishap, Coop fell down the 1.5mtr deep trench. Mischief and Trouble is his middle name, he just can't help himself. He wasn't hurt, just frightened him, cleaned him up, settled him down, then he's laughing again and wanting to go back outside to the dirt! Go figure! He is totally all boy! So to say that I have had filthy dirty clothes from the boys all week, would be an understatement. Thank good for automatic washing machines and HOSES! LOL!

The Problem Can we fix it? Yes we can!!!! So come Monday, I decided to have a New Years Clean out, Out with the old, and in with the new! Well I am working on the new!!!! I went through every room of the house, one by one, and cleaned out wardrobes, drawers, linen press, bathroom cupboards & drawers, kitchen cupboards, pantry, fridge, and then the huge task of the backroom (home to the gym set, the bookcase full of books, Grants Bar, toys and my scrapping space). It took me all week, Friday night I finally had finished the whole house! To say I was exhausted would be an understatement.

One tidy Kitchen! (No fingerprints - LOL)

No Scrapping stuff on the Dining Room Table (LMAO)No Toys all over the floor - Bliss!
So to treat my self for my huge efforts, Saturday I scrapped. Though unfortunately I cannot share it with you as it was DT work, but thought seeing that my house was organised, I would stay organised and in front on the DT work too!

Saturday afternoon, Grant had a mate over, where we ended up having a BBQ for tea and playing Euka (how do you spell that?) til 10.30pm! Such a great night! So many laughs!

Sunday we were up bright and early and caught the 8.30am train to Central with Mel, Wil, Trey and Tess! Spent the day at Darling Harbour, went to the Aquarium, which the kids just loved. Especially the Penguins and Seals. They are so cheeky! Cooper did not like the Alligator, kept putting his hands over is eyes and saying NO!!!!!

Did the same with the sharks at first, but then warmed to them, and kept yelling out SHARK!!!! Gotta love kids! Once we finished there, we ventured next door the the Wildlife Centre, which was really great! Kids got to see Spiders, Snakes, Butterfly house, Nocturnal House, Koalas, Kangaroos, Birds, Lizards, and other animals! Pretty good! Though Cooper had lights out half way through! Was just too much for him!

We then spent an hour walking Paddy's markets, but I have to say, I was pretty disappointed, so much shite! The only thing we bought were icecreams. Jumped on the train at 4.15pm and got back into the train station at 7pm. Huge day, we were all buggered, tired, sore legs, and we all slept well last night.

Now I need some lessons in my camera! My new Canon SLR 400D! I took it with me yesterday to Sydney to take pics at the aquarium and Wildlife Centre. Though inside both were so dark, and of course the animals were behind glass. So my camera kept wanting to put the flash on, but with the glass, it just reflected off. I tried Auto, played with the Aperture for a little while, and in the end just gave up and put the bloody thing away, so no photo's worthy of anything from yesterday! So ig anyone nows the secret on how to take pics in the dark, or at night, with out the flash going off! I would so love to know for future reference. I even changed the ISO to 800 and 1600 to see if that worked, but no! Still blurry as! Looked as though I didn't have my glasses on! LOL!

Thats me probably for another week! Though to leave you with a thought, with the New Year now here, everyone is busy making resolutions, though at TSE, this months page challenge is to come up with one word that reflects what you would like to achieve this year! Jane chose the word ORGANISE, so I would have to say my word would be CHILL! I am a worrier, a stresser, so I would like to CHILL more, stress less, and don't sweat the small stuff! What would your word be? I'd love to know!

Love Ya's

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

Congradulations luv so excited to have you part of the TSE DT's and so looking forward to seeing more of your awesome work.

Woooozer the house looks fantastic, spring clean in January is a killer isn't it. I just finished my house too and what a chore.

What a shame about the camera, when you figure it out can you help me figure out my camera too, the destructions are just so long LOL

Also loving your word CHILL LISA CHILL cannot wait to see your page