Friday, 4 January 2008

I've Been told!

to get my act together and update my Blog! So here I am! The kids are sleeping and I am updating! Proud!!!! I hope so!

Firstly I did mention that I got my hair cut off more shorter again, so here are two pics for you all, a front on and a side on! More me!

I did manage to do a bit of scrapping before Christmas, I made one of my friends a calendar, but forgot to take a pic! Sorry, and I made a Christmas Photo Frame for my boys Christmas photo, which I can replace with a new Photo each Christmas! Just love these new Kaiser Christmas Papers!
I also completed my page for Jaimee's Tribute Challenge, this month being a special occasion in your tributes life! So i decided to scrap one of my Mum and Dads' wedding photo's. Gotta love mums tiny waist and huge tits! And dad was so tall! Shame he's shrunk over age! Though what was mum thinking wearing Green! What the!!!! She still looked stunning anyway!
Well the week before Christmas flew, all the organising, shopping, blah blah blah, then next thing I know it is Christmas eve and off to mums for a Baked Dinner! Yumo!!! So here are a few pics from Chrissy Eve! We didn't do anything exciting, just relaxed, had a great dinner and an even better dessert (Sherry Trifle), then sat bac, chatted and enoyed each others company! Perfect Christmas Eve. Once we got home, we left biccy's & beer out for Santa, and some apples, magic dust and a bucket of water out for the reindeers, put the kids to bed, then brought out all the presents! Finally passing out a bit before midnight!

Mums Chrissy Table
Most of the pressies under the tree!
We were woken at 5.30am to Travis saying Santa's been! I looked at Grant and said "Seriously, didn't we just get to bed!!!" After a moan, we are up, ringing Nanny & Poppy to tell them Santa had been. We then check to see if Santa had ate his goodies, which of course he did, just left the empty stubby and a few crumbs, no manners Travis reckons, and then we went outside to check to see if the Reindeers had eaten their apples, and had some water! Well Travis was mighty disgusted, not only had they tipped over the bucket they had pooed on the front lawn!!! (Horse poo) He kept saying "Oh man, thats disgusting, silly reindeers, Grant and I couldn't stop laughing.
The kids and all the pressies! (Where did my loungeroom go????)
Just love this pic of Dad! Holy Christmas Batman!! His hat says Ho Bloody Ho!! So him!

So a few minutes later Nanny & Poppy arrive with a car loaded and popping out the sides full of pressies, and the morning starts, there are pressies everywhere! And I mean my loungeroom is full of pressies, papers, everything, you cannot even see a spare spot! Too funny! I must have been a good girl this year, as Grant had bought me three sets of bra's and undies, a bottle of Perfume and matching moisturiser and what I have been wanting for ages, a Swing Seat! Loving it!!!! Mum & Dad bought us a beautiful, no gorgeous, black iron table and two chairs, with a black and white mosaic top, for our front verandah, was in total paradise! All these gorgeous gifts!

At 8am we are off to Grants brothers for a Champagne Breakfast but someone forgot the champagne! Bummer, was needing that! All systems go here, very hectic, then Travis starts to spew from all the excitement!
We then head to my Aunty's for Lunch arriving at 11am, and we lay Trav down on the lounge for the arvo! Another quiet gathering, a lovely baked dinner followed by my Great Great Great Grandmothers Boiled Christmas Pudding recipe and her Brandy Custard Recipe! Now thats the bomb!!! So so yummy! I was so full! We finally leave around 4pm, to do it all again at our place for dinner! Why do we do this to ourselves on Christmas for! Luckily for me, I decided on Prawns, Cold Smoked Ham and salad, and Kate brought her famous Summer Berry Pudding and her new signature dish Creme Caramel. My Christmases came all at once with these two desserts! I was in heaven! We finished the evening off by us all sitting around the dining room table playing cards! It was really nice! A great day but oh so long!

My Christmas TableSo a Merry Christmas to you all and I hope that all your wishes came true.

Love Lisxx

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well i think your new hair do is just fantastic, you little hottie.