Sunday, 6 January 2008

Anna Bay

Off we go, for four beautiful days to Anna Bay! Grant and his family have been going to the same place, hiring the same unit, for the past 20 years, and each year we go up and join Grants mum for a few days out of her fortnight, and we always spend New Years there!

It is great as we can enjoy the beach (Biruibi) which is about 200 metres from the unit, or we can cross the road and let the kids play on the rocks, or swim in the rock pools, away from the sharks and huge waves. And believe me, these rocks pools are shallow one end and so deep the other end that they come up to Grants Chest and he is 6foot 3! Deep enough even for Grant to do bombs, such a big kid I Know!

Also there is the Skate Park, where Brock likes to frequent, so we had a few goes there too. Brock showing us his manoeuvres.
Grant going back to his youth and even he was shaking off the rust and pulling a few airs, so he says!!! LOL!
Travis had fun sliding down the 1/4 pipes on his bum like a slippery dip and then we couldn't get him off his bike once he got over the intitial fear of going down the ramps. Little skate punk!
Cooper, well he is the little dare devil, not frightened at all, had a go on Trav's bike and he wouldn't get off either, just wanted to keep going down the ramps. Little Monkey!

So we spent each day at the beach, playing, frolicking, and having a great time. New Years we just stayed at home with the kids, had a BBQ for tea, a few drinks, played cards & Monopoly, I won, much to Grants disgrace! Then we all went to bed by 10.30pm. Nice night!

Gosh these Hallett Boys are so Good Looking! Travis was so happy to spend time with his big Cousin "Brock"! Another good looking Hallett! Anyway we had a ball, Grant was like a big kid, and when you are in the water and hear "White Whale" you know you have to swing the camera around and take a pic! What did I get, Grants white arse in the air, with his shorts around his ankles. Such a joker!

So I'll leave you with another disturbing pic! "The White Whale" Hope you never have to come across one! LOL!!!!

Love Lisxx


Jane Ettia Jones said...

WOW lisa the photos are gorgeous your right that one with travis against the graffiti wall is just fantastic, cannot wait to see you scrap that picture

Kerry said...

gorgeous pics lis! love the 'white whale' pic - how funny - lucky there wasn't water coming out of the blow hole hahaha lol