Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter everyone.....

Just short and sweet one today.... My kids were up at the crack of dawn. Of course the Easter bunny had already been, so we were up, camera in tow running and screaming around the front and back yard looking for easter eggs. LOL! Talk about hilarious, I am sure we woke all the neighbours.. Luckily they all have little kids too!

Cooper was lucky enough to find a DS Diego game from the Easter bunny as well as a gazillion little eggs and Travis found JakIII Playstation 2 game and a gazillion little eggs. So guess whats for brekky at our house! "CHOCOLATE"

Easter Hunt at Home

Next on the Easter Train...... Next stop Nanny and Poppy's... LOL! Another Easter Hunt, but gosh the kids were way too quick for me, they were out of the car, noticed a few eggs laying around, and they were off, squealling, yelling, so I only have pics of the boys and their eggs....

Easter at Nanny & Pops

Well I think we have enough Chocolate now to last us through until next Easter! LOL! Have to go, off to a BBQ to Mele's next door..... See you later. Have a fantastic Easter!!!!

Lis xoxo


Tanya said...

Cool photos Lis and oh so much chocolate, yummo!

Al said...

Ewww cute Easter photos Lis ... love all that chocolate ... I'm drooling now !