Saturday, 25 April 2009

Saturday Ning Nings...

Firstly, a big Salute to all the Soldiers out there that fought for our country! Here's to the Anzacs!!!

One of the boys favourite pastimes at the moment, going motorbike riding out in the bush! Now they really look the part in their motorbike gear!!!

Trav in his gear

Coop in his gear!

Again spent a few hours beside the pipeline, in and out of the bush, keeping a close eye out for snakes this time, seeing that last time Grant and Coop ran over an Emerald Green snake.. Grant managed to see a Red belly this time but he wasn't sticking around.
Though Trav and I saw something that I am not even sure what it was. It crossed our path about 100 metres in front of us, didn't stop, just ran out of one side of the bush, across the dirt track and into the other side of the bush. Trav's first question was "What was that mummy, was that a tiger"? I said no it wasn't orange! I then asked Travis what colour was it? and he said "All black" Exactly! It looked like a big huge black cat to me too! We were out of there quick smart, straight back to the car and waited for Grant and Coop! Told Grant when he got back and he said that there had been sitings of a big balck cat out here but not for a while! Well thanks for telling me! I shat bigtime, that was the end of riding for me and Trav, we were too scared. Coop stayed at the car with me and Trav, they rode their pushies while Grant was determined to go find it, but noluck! Not sure If I am keen to go back out there again. Man the cat must have been on steriods to be soo bloody big!!
Well now its time to get ready for a BBQ tonight for Anzac day with a few of our closest friends... Will be back shortly!

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh my gorde have a go at cooper trooper on that bike....his such a rev head