Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A little scrap time out!

OMGosh, think I am nearly ready for the school holidays to be over. Had such a great time with the kids, but they are starting to bounce off each other now. Cooper tormenting Travis and Travis dobbing every chance he gets. Getting a little monotonous!!!!

Spent the morning at Mele's, just a cuppa and a good chat. Let the kids do their own thing for a little while when Mele said "Lets get out tonight" Lets do some scrapping away from home! Now what a perfect idea. So we hired the Woodberry Community Centre's Conference room from 6pm to 9pm for $17. Bargain, and got away from it all!
Mele is working on an album for her Sister in Law's 30th and me well I bought a calendar at the beginning of the year and thought it was best time to scrap it, great little size for a desktop calendar too. No pictures required if you don't want to, so I scrapped it with the Kaiser Butterfly paper and put one of those sentiments beside the calendar, that way it won't date, like a photo can! Now if you buy one of these calendars, you will actually see a pic of me and Jane on the front, how cool is that?????
My Desktop Calendar

Well thats me for now.... Just the same ole same ole during the week... Work, Work, Work and wrangling highly strung kids.... Looking forward to the weekend...

Take care



Hilary said...

Nothing like doing a calendar for the new year in April, is there? LOL. This is lovely :-)

Jane Ettia Jones said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh love did you make that for me.....hahahahahahahah at hilary it's may luv

totally gorgeous