Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sydney Girly Get together!!!!

Wow what an awesome day! We (Al, Lee, Jane , Sandy and moi) all met at Janes place really early Saturday Morning! Happy Birthday Sandy, you ole chook!!!!
We then all went scrap shopping together at two different scrap shops, oh I was in sheer heaven and my poor ole wallett got holes burnt in it! LOL! But oh so totally worth it.
Then we headed into the city... Browse around Paddy's, Lunch at the Sydney Yum Cha upstairs from Paddy's. Oh it was sooo nice, and had us all cracking up at FOOK KIN FRIED RICE, seeing that FOOK is our favourite word! LMAO!!!! Oh My how funny! Of course there was a thousand pics and Sandy being the funny one of the group just couldn't help herself with the chopsticks up her nose! LOL Sandy! Never a dull moment!

Next thing we know its time to head home, the time just flew I tell you! More pics, and have to thank Jane for the pics as I didn't take my camera in with me, knew that the papparrazi would have theirs, LOL, and knew mine would get in the way! Thanks again Jane!
Again another brilliant day with the girls, these girls are my fav girls... Can't believe the whole scrapping cyberspace brought me such great friendships, Internet, I owe you one!
Happy Birthday again for Jane and Sandy! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

paparrazi WHO MOI LUV???? LOL
thank you so much sweetie for coming up and helping me celebrate my birthday.....your too good a friend to me