Saturday, 25 April 2009


Well what a perfect excuse for a BBQ and few drinks with friends! Was a great night. Apparently Rod (Grants mate) had said to Rob, gunna get Lisa smashed tonight (seeing I am always the sensible one who knows her limits), not real keen on feeling like shite the next day!

And guess what kharm came back to bite him on the arse. He was the one that got totally smashed, so smashed that he had to fertilize my lawn, then passed out on the lounge. Ha Ha Ha! Tooo funny! That will teach you!!! Here's a few pics of Rod passed out cold.... Still kacking myself...

All in all, it was a great BBQ, as we always do, we all played 32 (cards - its our signature card game) until the we hours of around 2am. All except ole "chucky"! LMAO! Well maybe it will be my turn next time, Grant was the time before that, maggoted, Rod this time, so maybe my turn is just about up! We'll see! Too funny anyway, least we done the soldiers proud with out constant toasts!!!
Hope you all had a great and safe Anzac Day! Off to the scarecrow festival tomorrow. Lets hope we all wake pretty good and healthy! Cheers to that!

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