Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter Hat Parade

Well the time has come, the last day of school and what better way to get the kids all pumped and primed, is to have their Easter Hat Parade.

Travis has done extremely well this first term of 1st Class, he got to have a party with all the other good kids for receiving 30 gold star on the board...., not to mention the numerous Merit Awards he has got this first term. So proud of him.....

At 12pm today, mum, Coop and I watched, with camera in tow, watched the Easter Hat Parade, I cheated this year, and recycled last years hat, ha ha ha!!!! Though one of Coopers friends made him a hat so he could have one too at the parade. The school has a program called navigators like a preschool on a thursday and they made lots of hats for the little kids, so Coop was super excited that he got to have his own hat too! Too much fun to be had!

Easter Hat Parade

Now to tackle the holidays!!!!

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