Sunday, 26 April 2009

Happy Birthday Blanchy!

Here's to You Blanchy!!! 34! You caught up to me wench!!! Have a great day and don't get too pickled!!! See you this arvo!!

OK recap, last night we had a BBQ for the Anzacs, crawled into bed around 2am, only to be woken by the kids at 5,30am.... Not happy Jan!! Why is it a calling card for kids to get up so early!!!!!

So on with the show.... We decided that we would go and check out the rest of the Scarecrow Festival at Wollombi - Part 2... Took the lovely scenic route all the way to Wyong and turned off and headed to Laguna, then to Wollombi! Oh the scenery was gorgeous, just what we needed! The kids had a little sleep on the way, lucky devils.... Spotted a few more Scarecrows along the way that we never saw last weekend. This was soooo coool! The kids nearly jump out of their skin every time they spot a scarecrow..

Scarecrow Festival - Part 2 We arrived at Wollombi just in time to have lunch at the Wollombi Pub! Good ole true counter lunches!!! Whta a perfect place, like you stepped back in time... Love this little town! So would love to live there or ever have a weekender on some acres out here! Bloody gorgeous smorgeous....
The town of Wollombi

What a brilliant day, and what a brilliant weekend. Called into see the birthday girl on our way home, but she was too pickled for a normal convo! Onya Blanchy!

Hope you all had a brilliant weekend!! Groundhog day for me tomorrow, back to work!! Gotta love it right????

Love Ya's

Lis xoxoxo

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